Monday, May 30, 2011

P to the rague.

Well hey there, let me update you on our trip.

We safely made it to Prague yesterday evening after a five hour drive and a few hour stop in Regensburg, Germany. Regensburg was a very cute little town and also Germanys Bavarian captial! 

Since arrival we have gotten some really good Czech food, which I think is a mix of Italian and German food. We have also seen some of the most beautiful architecture I have ever seen! Everything is Gothic looking and so beautiful, it possibly my favorite place so far! The Prague Castle is GORGEOUS, we also saw St. Vitus Cathedral with beautiful stained glass windows. Charles Bridge is spectacular and I wanna see it at night sometime, we have all day tomorrow free so probably then. We also get to SLEEP IN - which seriously is the most amazing news I might have ever heard. 

We were signed up to do a jazz river cruise tomorrow night in Prague but it ended up getting canceled because not enough people wanted to do it but thats okay, we actually went on an hour long boat trip today which was great. Also, we had to switch currencies over to the czech krown which is just so weird, for every American dollar its 17 krowns so its just weird and everything looks really expensive, however, things are much cheaper here. 

One thing I have realized I for sure take for granted in the U.S. is WATER. Im seriously always dehydrated here because one lil bottle of water is like 2 euros which is like 3 American dollars - robbery I tell you! Everything is seriously so expensive, stupid exchange rate! How I long to be back in America and drink free water at a restaurant with ICE and LEMON. But, that was just me being dramatic - everything else is really really wonderful and I cant complain about anything. 

On a positive note... Can I tell you guys something just really, really cool? Well, here goes. Jesus is everywhere here and it makes me happy. So happy as a matter of fact. We probably few on average a Cathedral a day, sometimes more, sometimes none but it makes me so happy that He is known and He is everywhere! Like today on the Charles Bridge - there was a billion sculptures and crosses and saints lining the whole bridge and most people admire these statues but it makes me feel at home. It makes me feel happy to see that others love him or have written on the walls JESUS LOVES YOU. It probably sounds lame but it is truthfully so exciting and has made my trip so enjoyable and peaceful.

I cant think of much else right now, Ill let you know what our free day holds when I do. After Prague, we are heading back to Germany to Heidelberg then to Amsterdam! Cant wait!

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  1. You are such a Beautiful person inside and out! I love reading this...