Saturday, May 28, 2011

Good Day

Our last day in Munich was wonderful. The breakfast at this hotel is sooo much better compared to what we have been eating. Typically in Europe they serve coffee, juice, rolls, cheese, and meats. Yum? But where we are now they have eggs and bacon which everyone is loving but the thing Im most excited about is the fruit salad. Fruitttttt, you just cant get enough of it here.

Katie has been eating a lot of sausages and seems to be liking em. The pretzels are good and we also tried spƤtzle , oh my goodness it was amazing. Katie and I are also loving nutella, we take it on all the bus trips that are like 4 - 7 hours long and snack on it with apples or bananas. Okay, well now that half of this post has been about food, Ill move on.

We had a pretty early morning because we drove 1.5 hours to the Neuschwanstein Castle, which is where the sleeping beauty castle is based off of. It seriously looked fake, in a good way. Pretty cool, we couldnt take pictures inside the castle though so we dont have any but the view from outside was spectacular. Everyone was saying how it looked exactly like the view from a castle should.

Everywhere we go and everything we see just seriously makes me feel blessed. Blessed to be here, traveling Europe, blessed to be experiencing it with Katie and some really wonderful people on our trip and blessed knowing  I have family and friends back home supporting me :) awwww.

Tomorrow will be a travel day for us, we are making our way over to Prague. YAY. 

Im never sure what places we will have wifi at so I never know if I will be able to post or check email and facebook - so keep that in mind.


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