Sunday, May 15, 2011

Headed to Corfu!

Hi Friends!

We have had a great few first days, Athens was a blast and we are really liking our groups. Yesterday we toured Athens pretty much all day which was awesome! We went and say the Acropolis, Parthenon, Sanctuary of the Olympian Zeus, and so much more. It was really cool to see, we learned a lot about Greek history. We went to flee markets as well, just streets and streets lined with little shops that are cheaps!

Food wise we have been eating really well, I'm really happy I went vegetarian or I probably wouldn't have been eating! We have had some really good Greek salads and spinach pies and Katie has eating some good chicken. We have also had true Grecian "Gyro's" (mine with no meat) and they are pretty good, we have just eaten a few too many. Also, they have really good Greek yogurt here, which we have too but they eat theirs with honey and that sounds nasty but it is seriously so good - try it!

Today, we went to the city of Delphi and viewed a really amazing museum and also some ruins, pictures to come later! We are now waiting for our ferry which will take us to the Greek Island of Corfu, AH! It is supposed to have really great beaches which we will be checking out tomorrow and maybe snorkeling! Katie and I both didn't wear sunscreen our first day in Athens, BAD IDEA. We are both lil burnt tomatoes and it hurts especially when we are carrying our packs, but good news is it will turn into tan in no time :)

Thats really all I can think of, our group is great, we are still getting to know them but so far so good. Our tour guide Apostolos is GREAT, he says Katie and I both have really good Greek accents! We're trying to learn as much of the language as possible, so far we have thank you, your welcome, good morning and thank you for the meal.

It's kinda random when we get internet so I will try to keep you guys posted as much as possible so if some posts are short its probably because they are coming from my iTouch. Also, I think I'm caught up sleep wise, took a few melatonin and went to bed early last night and I have felt much better today!

Seeing God's creation is AMAZING. How does He do it? I'm seriously blown away.

Jenna & Katie


  1. Sounds like a great time Jenna! Can't wait to hear that Greek accent of yours!

  2. THATS AWESOME! I'm SO excited to hear that you girls are having such a great time! I hope your burns heal soon!

    How is all of the equipment (backpacks, etc) holding up? Are they as helpful as you thought they would be?

    How are your roommates? What are the hotels like? I bet you girls have taken a million pictures!!! I CAN'T WAIT to see the pictures when you guys return with SO many wonderful stories! Lets pick a date to plan everyone can come to my house and we can prep our TV to do the slideshow before you come back!!

    I'm SO proud of you both and so HAPPY to hear that you both are having such an enjoyable time!

    I want to go to Europe one day... maybe we could do a family trip!!!

    LOVE YOU BOTH so Incredibly MUCH!!! Keep in touch!!!

    Love always <3

  3. Katie, by the time I get home I will most likely have forgotten it!

    Sarah, equipment is great. We could have certainly done with just regular suitcases, that is what most people brought which was super suprising to me because my trip to NZ was all backpackers!

    We seriously have SOOOO many pictures, we will probably have to buy a few more memory cards. We could have easily brought a computer and I wish we would have to upload! And yes, figure out your TV so we are all good to go.

    YES, lets go back to Europe soon! :)

  4. It's so awesome to hear that it's such a FUN trip and that your enjoying it so much! Maybe now that you know how this travel group works you can travel with them more in the future!