Monday, May 23, 2011

Updates on Rome and Florence!

Okay, Its terrible but I cant remember back far enough to give good updates on Rome right now, my brain is mush. It was wonderful we visited the Colleseum, the Vatican, St. Peters Basillica, and the Sistine Chapel. They were seriously all amazingly beautiful but so busy, it was like body to body through all of them and its 80 degrees here so its just so hot! EF sets things up so well, all of our tour guides have been GREAT and we are using whispers (where the guide talks into a microphone and you have an earpierce to hear) they are great when its really busy.

We are now in Florence and its beautiful, its smaller than Rome but still has the city feel. The wine tasting was so great, yummy yummy wine, we got to try like three whites and four reds I think.

Today after our tour we just explòred the city and the pizza place we happened to eat at was where the Jersey Shore cast was working, Sammy Sweethart, Vinny, and the situation and dont be fooled. I dont watch it but my freinds updated me. We had to sign a billion pages saying we wouldnt take pictures and would act normal and wouldnt tell the media anything. It was so funny, the pizza was great, it was recommended by our tour guide so we had to try it and they just happened to be there! It was fun. For the rest of the day we have it free and we will be exploring and doing laundry, its our first chance to do laundry and we are all so excited.

Tomorrow, we will be visiting Pisa! YAY! We leave Florence Wednesday morning and travel to Venice where we get to ride a Gondala. Hip Hip... Hooray!

Miss you guys :) Thanks for your prayers, love and support, it means the world to me and it is coming back your way!


  1. Hey Girls!

    Not only are you 1/2 way across the world, you are out of contact and I'm missing you terribly. Sarah is getting me acquainted with your blog so that I can see what you girls are up to! It looks like your having a blast! I wish I could see pictures posted as you go along the way so I feel closer to you in some way!

    Love always,

    MOM <3

  2. I'm SO jealous!!! I can NOT wait to see photos!!! It sounds like you girls are having the experience of a lifetime! Is today Pisa? Miss you and miss the updates!

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