Friday, May 27, 2011


We have just arrived in Munich, Germany earlier today and our hotel here is extremely nice and we get free internet. Yes!

After Florence we traveled about four hours to Venice, we stayed in a little town right outside and we had a beach which was really nice after our travels we just went and layed out and got some sun! Venice was wonderful, we had a few free nights and where we stayed was pretty touristy so I didnt love it. We did take a ferry into Venice one full day though and it was greattttt! We took another ferry over to the little island of Murano to see a glass blowing demonstration, which was the sweetest thing ever - this guy made a horse from glass in seriously two minutes. We saw St. Marks Basilica and Square and it was great. Im so bummed I didnt bring my computer so I could upload pictures to show you guys but in due time.

We spent about eight hours on the bus today driving to Munich and we had a few stops. We drove through Austria as well! Today was a pretty rainy daz so it was nice that we were traveling. The weather in Italy was sooooo hot and we got here and we are all wearing jackets and jeans and are still cold. We went to the Hofbrauhaus House tonight we dinner, pretzels and beer. It was really yummy. Since I dont eat sausage Im guessing that I will be eating a lot of pretzels! I cant think of much else, since we have free internet I will update tomorrow of our other adventures, we are touring the sleeping beauty castle! :) Miss you guys.

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