Thursday, May 5, 2011


I can't believe we leave in a week. I know this is how I always start my posts, but for real. One week - thats insane. Today, I got a little photo lesson from the wonderful Jen on the basics of photography. I thought it might be good to know considering Katie and I will probably go wild with pictures. I'm thinking two 8 gig memory cards might not be enough for five weeks?

Katie still hasn't gotten her passport although it should be in the mail. I know it will come because I can't even comprehend what would happen if it didn't. We also found out that about five others from our trip will be on our flight to Athens, which is great!

I have started packing and I know Katie hasn't, she still has finals so its understandable but I am just hoping we don't forget anything big. There isn't a ton of news except lately I have been kinda sick, I went to the doctor today though and got a zpack, better safe than sorry. It better be gone by the time we leave!

Oh, we got to hear a little bit about our tour director. His name is Apostolos and he is from Greece but he has been to all eight countries and cities we will be traveling to. I decided I want his job because it would be amazing. He also told us we will have some extra free time in Tuscany so we will get to explore a Tuscan Villa, visit a vineyard and explore the countryside. Mmm, can't wait! He seems like he knows a lot, which is a plus.

I think that is all the updates I have for you now but we will keep you updated lots when we get there and are traveling! Also, I don't proofread my posts because it just takes time that I don't really have so feel free to laugh at my errors :)

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