Monday, April 25, 2011

Seventeen days to go!

Each day Katie and I count the days down, it so close yet, it's still in the back of our mind because we just gotta get our finals over with. Only two exams and one paper stand in between me and this summer, oh happy day! Katie still has another week unfortunately.

We still have lots of stuff to do to prepare for our trip. We need the typical stuff like calling cards, adapters, converters, and getting a few Euro's before we head over. Katie has had some problems renewing her passport and currently still doesn't have one, which could be a huge problem but we will have to see and trust that God will take care of it.

As for me, I have made the decision to go just vegetarian for the trip. I'm really not all that pumped about it but I think its just something I need to do, for my health and for convenience. Right when I get back I will switch back but for the next few weeks as I start putting dairy in eggs back into my diet, I think my body will truly hate me. I'll keep you guys updated with how I'm doing with that.

I can't really think of much else, we haven't made many more trip preparations because we just wanna get done with finals and then we can think about our glorious trip. We have signed up for four optional excursions, Pisa, Versailles, Jazz river cruise in Prague and the Rome cooking class. YAY!

We got our flight and hotel information a few days ago which was exciting. The only link that works for the hotels is the one we will be staying in during our stay in Barcelona if you wanna take a little peek.

Thats all for now, we will keep you posted as we get closer!


  1. When are you going to start integrating in the dairy and eggs? I hope you feel okay while you're doing it :/

  2. I have no idea, I just don't wanna do it. But probably this weekend sadly.