Monday, March 21, 2011

52 days to go! It feels surreal, Katie and I are so excited for our 35 day trip where we get to tour eight countries and have a blast. 

Here is our itinerary just in case you are interested. You can also find more information at EF College Break's website!

DAY 1Overnight flight
Arrival in Athens
Welcome to Athens! After clearing customs, you’ll meet your full-time tour director and the rest of your group. Did you know that Athens was named after Athena, goddess of wisdom?
Walking tour of Athens
DAY 3Sightseeing tour of Athens (local guide)
Welcome dinner
Get to know the other travelers in your group over tonight's included dinner.
Free time in Athens (nighttime)
DAY 4Sightseeing tour of Delphi (local guide)
Night ferry from Patras
Arrival on Corfu
Welcome to one of the most picturesque of the Greek Islands. Corfu is the second-largest of Greece’s Ionian Islands, and is also its greenest.
DAY 6Free day on Corfu
DAY 7Night ferry to Italy
Arrival in Italy
Disembark this morning on the coast of Italy.
Sightseeing tour of Pompeii (local guide)
Arrival in Rome
Continue on to Italy’s capital. Did you know that Rome had barbers as far back as 300 B.C.?
DAY 9Sightseeing tour of Rome (local guide)
Roman Colosseum
Forum Romanum
Optional Italian Cooking Class (extra cost)
DAY 10Visit to Vatican City
Free time in Rome (afternoon)
DAY 11Transfer to Florence
Free time in Florence (nighttime)
DAY 12Sightseeing tour of Florence (local guide)
Florence Duomo
DAY 13Optional excursion to Pisa (extra cost)
DAY 14Transfer to Venice
DAY 15Sightseeing tour of Venice (local guide)
Doges’ Palace
Free time in Venice (afternoon)
DAY 16Transfer to Munich
Free time in Munich (nighttime)
DAY 17Excursion to Neuschwanstein Castle
Walking tour of Munich
DAY 18Sightseeing tour of Regensburg (EFCB Tour Director)
Arrival in Prague
Continue by bus on to Prague, the City of a Hundred Spires. Did you know that Christmas carol legend Good King Wenceslas is buried in Prague?
Walking tour of Prague
DAY 19Sightseeing tour of Prague (local guide)
Free time in Prague (nighttime)
DAY 20Free day in Prague
Optional Jazz River Cruise (extra cost)
DAY 21Sightseeing tour of Nuremberg (EFCB Tour Director)
Arrival in Heidelberg
Continue on to Heidelberg, Germany's oldest college town. Did you know that Karl Drais, inventor of the bicycle, was a student here?
DAY 22Sightseeing tour of Heidelberg (EFCB Tour Director)
Heidelberg Castle wine barrel
DAY 23Transfer to Amsterdam
Walking tour of Amsterdam
DAY 24Sightseeing tour of Amsterdam (EFCB Tour Director)
Anne Frank House
Free time in Amsterdam (nighttime)
DAY 25Optional Biking the Dutch Countryside (extra cost)
DAY 26Sightseeing tour of Bruges (EFCB Tour Director)
Arrival in Brussels
Continue to Brussels, capital of Belgium. Did you know that Jean-Claude Van Damme is known as The Muscles From Brussels?
Sightseeing tour of Brussels (EFCB Tour Director)
DAY 27Transfer to Paris
Free time in Paris (afternoon)
Evening Seine cruise and Eiffel Tower
DAY 28Sightseeing tour of Paris (local guide)
Eiffel Tower photostop
Optional trip to Versailles (extra cost)
DAY 29Walking tour of Paris
Louvre Museum
Notre Dame Cathedral
Free time in Paris (nighttime)
DAY 30TGV to the French Riviera
Walking tour of Nice
DAY 31Free time on the French Riviera (day)
Optional Monaco Casino Night (extra cost)
DAY 32Transfer to Barcelona
Free time in Barcelona (nighttime)
DAY 33Sightseeing tour of Barcelona (local guide)
Parque Guell
DAY 34Free day in Barcelona
Farewell dinner
Share some last laughs (and maybe shed a few tears) at an included farewell dinner with the group.
DAY 35Flight home


  1. Your going to have an absolutely amazing, memorable trip together! I can't wait to watch your journey as you make it =) Love you both SO much!

  2. I cannot begin to describe to you how lucky you are to do something like this. Now, I need to find a way to shrink so I can come in your pocket :] I'll miss you mucho!

  3. I can't wait you guys. If you both shrink down into midget form in the next month you can come :)

  4. hhahah thats a great idea =)