Friday, June 10, 2011

Katie's first post

Wazzzzzuppp! I mean...bonjour! We are currently in the train station, Gare du Lyon in Paris. Paris deinetly beat out Prague as my favorite city so far. This trip has gone so unbelievably fast. I can't believe we only have five days left. I feel like we just started yesterday but also I feel like we have been traveling forever. Next is nice, France and then finally Spain. I am so beyond excited for Barcelona. I feel like I really need to study abroad here in France. It has been three days and I feel that my French has improved immensely. I have met some amazing people and definitely have some crazy memories. I'm excited for nice because I can just relax. Because we did The optional versatile trip we had much less time in Paris. We went to the moulin rouge last nit and I was blown away. It was quite possibly one of the best shows I have seen in my entire life. I am on my friend carolyn's iPad right now in the train station, she is an awesome girl :) Def. Must see for those out there who have not visited Europe...go to see the gothic churhches in Prague, after Paris, they were my favorite thing. And oh my...the beach off of Corfu,Greece is absolutely amazing. God really has blessed Jenna and I and we are so thankful. I think I am going to come home with big hulking shoulder muscles and huge callouses on my feet. Some people say that Paris is dirty but I think it is beautiful, so beautiful. Currently I am sitting here remembering drinking wine in Toscana and haggling for leather in florence. My leg is falling asleep and I am tired. Au devoir mes amies. A bientot!

P.s. Notre dame is breathtaking, Jesus is truly alive!

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